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The sad news has come in that one of our greatest supporters , Eddie Oliver, indeed our Brain Trust webmaster , died tragically after a short illness on December 30. 
Eddie was a senior executive at the London Docklands Development Corporation where he was instrumental in sponsoring the 1984 USSR v World chess match and three years later the Garry Kasparov v Nigel Short TV chess match at London’s Hippodrome. Eddie moved on  to an even more impressive post at KPMG London HQ.
On his retirement Eddie enthusiastically joined The Brain Trust both as Director and Webmaster. 
So in 2019 The Brain Trust suffered two huge losses in our Founder Tony Buzan and Vice President Eddie Oliver. 
Ray Keene OBE
Global President 
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The Brain Trust’s Charter is:
To promote research into study of thought processes, the investigation of the mechanics of thinking, manifested in learning, understanding, communication, problem solving, creativity and decision making; to disseminate the results of such research and study and to promote generally education and training in cognitive processes and techniques and to develop and exploit new techniques in cognitive processes.

The Brain Trust also provides financial encouragement for mental awareness and practical cognitive activities of all kinds.

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Our representation worldwide includes London, Cape Town, Dubai, Hyderabad, Liechtenstein, Mexico City, New York, Santa Fe, Shanghai and Sydney

Our Representation Worldwide

Our Representation Worldwide