23rd World Memory Championship

Important news

With the 23rd World Memory Championship due to commence in three weeks time in Hainan province China, with a world record number of entries, approaching 200, the Brain Trust and World Memory Sports Council are pleased to announce the screening of the culmination of our UK Schools Memory Programme, a vital step in the achievement of global mental literacy:

Dear Brain Trust Leaders, team and supporters – I thought you would like to see the outcome of the Brain Trust UK Schools memory program which commenced with one school, the Lilian Baylis school in South London, which rose after our memory training, led by the brainpower triumvirate consisting of professor Tony Buzan, the nobel peace prize candidate and inventor of mind maps, eight times World Memory Champion Dominic O Brien and world memory sports council chief arbiter Phil Chambers, from being a failing school to the accolade of most improved school in the country, praised on BBC prime time TV.

Then we approached four schools in the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, and that initiative , grew and expanded into a nationwide UK Schools Memory Championship with hundreds of entrants and a forthcoming televison documentary on UK Watch TV.

Please read the press release – thank you all for your support, both material and inspirational without which we would not have been able to achieve this major success and important input into the educational potential of our nations young people.

Ray Keene OBE on behalf of the Brain Trust registered charity 1001012 and in conjunction with the World Memory Sports Council.