Freedom of the City of London for Dr Manahel Thabet


The Guildhall
City of London

On 15 June 2016 the distinguished Gulf region intellectual, Dr Manahel Thabet, was granted the rare privilege of The Freedom of the City of London by the Court of the Chamberlain. This venerable honour, which cannot be obtained without the support of London Livery or Guild Members, is one of the oldest surviving traditions, dating back to 1237, the century of Magna Carta.

Famous, illustrious and historic holders of this honour include Admiral Lord Nelson, the Victor of the Battle of Trafalgar, Princess Diana, Morgan Freeman and Nelson Mandela. Mediaeval rights conferred by this prestigious honour include trading permissions representing a huge commercial advantage in the Middle Ages, and the privilege of wearing a sword within the precincts of the ancient City of London, which itself reaches back in time to the days of Julius Caesar. The modern Freedom emphasises the keeping and protection of The Queen’s Peace and maintaining the customs and franchises of The City of London.

Awardees have emerged from the worlds of military conquest, royalty, aristocracy, the arts, diplomacy and politics. Dr Manahel shines as an intellectual beacon, bestriding the spheres of Science and gifted education, while acting as an emissary between the cultures of The Middle East and The West.

With this accolade to reinforce her credentials, Dr Manahel intends to continue her work for recognition of The Gifted and Talented and to bring peace and prosperity to her currently war-torn homeland of Yemen, while simultaneously thanking The UAE for the support and being her place of residence for the past sixteen years.

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For further information contact The Brain Trust (Registered Charity 1001012) on quoting “Freedom”.

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