Heritage Breaks Children With Autism

Anne Thornton-Patterson would like you to support Heritage Breaks Children With Autism by making a donation and spreading the word.
This project is for children with autism and their families to have a break in a safe environment of a boarding school with large undisturbed playing fields and facilities that would not normally be open to autistic children living in an urban environment. This includes using the school’s swimming pool, coffee shop, and theatre. This will enable staff to support parents whose children may not have experienced sitting in a theatre, or ordering their own drink in a cafe because it may be too noisy, crowded, and/or their behaviour may be too challenging for the general public and therefore, can create difficult situations for the parents and other members of the public. Funding is needed for July of 2019. This is a pilot project to evaluate the needs of disadvantaged families who would not be able to fund a holiday in a setting that most, on average, would consider going (i.e. hotel). Myself and my colleague have worked with children and adults with learning disabilities for many years and seen how the need for family support has grown. This project would give this group the opportunity to do what most of us take for granted on a daily basis.

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