Launch of Super-Learning Programs in Pakistan

Report from Sania Alam, President of the Institute of Human Memory Development® :

Institute of Human Memory Development (IHMD) launched its Super-Learning Programs for the 1st time ever in Pakistan. It was a huge success. Event held at Bahria Auditorium, with 700+ guests was conducted by Sania Alam, President of IHMD and was hosted by Actress Hina Altaf Khan and Actress Mahi Baloch.

The news of such programs being offered in Pakistan was received with awe and inspiration as Sania Alam shared with the guests that Pakistan’s future will be forever changed with these programs that aim to build the Mental Literacy of Pakistan’s citizens, especially its working Professionals and Students.

Short speech presented by:

Mr. Imtiaz Hussain – Chairman, Chain of Imtiaz Super Markets
Mr. Naqi Hasan – Chairman, and CEO, BATCO Group
Mr. Salman Alam – Managing Director, Arthur Lawrence
Ms. Shehla Mazhar – President, Self-Management Systems

Institute of Human Memory Development®