Memory Slam, new and exclusive on Watch TV

Memory Slam, new and exclusive on Watch TV, TO BE BROADCAST ON Tuesday 16th December 2014.

Can you memorise one hundred objects in under ten minutes? Remember a hundred random numbers in order? Become an expert in a brand new subject in just one hour?

Memory Slam combines documentary with the tension of a real-world competition, following gifted youngsters at the final of the UK Schools Memory Championships. As well as all the excitement of the live event, the programme goes behind the scenes to discover what it takes to become a young national champion.

Over the past year the competition has established an enviable reputation for helping students acquire powerful mental skills to improve both learning and self-confidence. From the hundreds that entered, eight finalists were hot housed by a team of leading Brain Trust /World Memory Sports Council experts to prepare themselves for a series of knock out events that test their ability to remember numbers, objects, historical facts and playing cards.

In between the events, Rachel Riley of TV COUNTDOWN fame, goes backstage to follow all the emotion, tension and drama as the competition unfolds and gain a unique insight into the personal worlds and training regimes of our eight finalists.

From Cardiff based George, who has trained himself to ‘count up to one hundred in people’ to Tahmina from Manchester who is relying on her natural memory alone to see her through the competition, we will not only discover what it takes to become a national memory champion but also learn some tips about improving our own memories along the way.

Two months ago they were just normal school pupils. Now they have some of the fittest brains in the country. Two days. Four incredible challenges. Who will be crowned UK Schools Memory Champion 2014?