New Vice President

The Brain Trust Charity is pleased to announce that Professor Kirpal Singh has accepted an invitation to become a Vice President of the Trust.

Prof Kirpal Singh

In 2006, Prof Singh became the first non-American and non-white to be elected to the Board of Directors of the ACA – American Creativity Association – where he is now Vice-President and Chair of ACA International. Having taught at various universities since 1973, Kirpal has gained a world-wide following given his numerous boundary-breaking and oftentimes provocative ideas. He is a poet, writer, scholar and critic, globally respected and admired. His ground-breaking book THINKING HATS and COLOURED TURBANS: Creativity Across Cultures (2004) advocated that the language in which a child grows up and is nurtured plays an enormous role in the shaping of a creative personality. Dr Singh is Director of the Presidential Wee Kim Wee Centre of Singapore Management University, where he also teaches.