Through Brain Training, my Brain Returned to Youth

by Kuang Liqun

Introduction by Tony Buzan

This article is a ‘transcript’ from someone who was a formerly Alzheimeric doctor. She gave this speech without notes. She gave the speech flawlessly. I then asked her to write her speech and she gave me this ‘transcript’, a perfect written representation of her lecture.
This demonstrates the power of mnemonic training .

Hi everyone, my name is Kuang Liqun , an 80-year-old retired doctor. I am delighted to come here today and report to you about the results of my participation in the brain-training exercise. I trained myself with mnemonics, freed myself from the trouble of Alzheimer that had reached 1-2 stage, and restored my brain to youth.

I used to exhibit three symptom behaviors of Alzheimer’s disease.

Firstly, I was always confuse the time, place, and space. For example, one day my friend invited me to have lunch, but I would go in the evening or some other day. Besides, I would remember the Eastern District as the Western District and A place as a B. When I am at home, I often put things in the wrong place. For example, when I come back home in winter, I would put my gloves and hat into the refrigerator and forget about them. Putting reading books in the closet and forget about them.

The second symptom was that my habits and customs has been changed, and I expressed moodily. In the past, I liked to sing and dance. I was very interested in new things. After I became ill, I lost my interest and always wanted to shut the door to sleep. Sometimes I felt very upset and eager to find someone with whom to quarrel.

The third symptom, I couldn’t remember things happened recently, and remember only what happened a long time ago. At that time, I easily forgot the recent events. For example, one day I was chatting with friends and talked about some funny things; everyone laughs. After the laughter stopped, I forgot. What was I just laughing? What did we just talked about?

Sometimes I was cooking at home, I went out of home and wandering around. After returning home, I discovered that the pot was cracked and the dish was dry and fire-like. The microwave oven at home was also burned out. I put the fish in and cook it. Closed the door, Then I went shopping unconsciously, forgetting about the microwave oven working at high temperature. When my family came back, the whole house was full of burnt smell. The door of the microwave oven was opened, smoke rushed out, and all parts of the furnace were burned out.

What’s more, I went out to the bus and sat back and forget where I am going. I also lost my way in the subway station lobby. I do not know where I am and ask myself: Where do I come from and where do I go? I lost myself for a long time.

Fortunately, although I forgot things in the recent, I remember very clearly about things that happened in my distant past. For example, in my middle school time, who was in trouble, who had owed me money before graduation, and who I had once offended, remembered clearly. I didn’t forget that I was a doctor and I remember medical knowledge clearly.

According to the symptoms, I understand that I have Alzheimer’s disease. I went to the hospital and found that the skull base arteriosclerosis, blood vessels thinning and bending, lumen narrowing, so my brain’s blood flow is slow, the blood supply is not enough, resulting in cerebral blood oxygen supply is insufficient, brain cells are damaged, function decline, low memory.

I found the pathology so I focus on the treatment of arteriosclerosis, poor blood circulation, and seize the time. In addition to using drugs, I also participate in proper physical exercise, get out of home and participated in community activities. More importantly, I found a good teacher who trained me in mnemonics. The teachers who taught me at that time were Guo Chuanwei, Zhu Shaomin, Li Lihui and Qian Liyi. They asked me to train with my little partner. My body is sick and frail, and with brain dementia approaching midterm.

I should spend nearly three hours to accomplish the course which my classmates can finish in an hour ordinarily, I should review the books repeatedly and ask someone. I very slowly understood. I was always get the first place–from the back to the front, both on the individual competitions and the personal total points. Some little children like to trick me and said “Grandma, you are very good. You help us at the bottom.” I smiled and nodded. Actually, I am very embarrassed. However, in order to cure my diseases, I must be cheeky and insist on practicing. Teacher Zhu understood me and said, “It doesn’t matter. don’t compare with children but compare with yourself. Every day, you progress a little bit.”

So, I insisted on training, every day, according to Zhu’s request. A little bit of progress. As the training time grows, my brain becomes more and more flexible, my understanding and memory are getting better and better. By 2011, the teachers encouraged me to participate in the 20th World Memory Championships China final and the 20th World Memory Championships of the same year. I have won the Senior Category champion of the 20th World Memory Championships.

Now, my dementia has basically been cured, but I did not forget the anxiety and frustration when I was ill. I think that among my peers, there must be many old people who have experienced or are experiencing the same symptoms as me. Alzheimer’s disease not only damages the patient, but also increases the burden and pressure on the society and the family. The incidence of this disease is getting higher and higher, and it is gradually
becoming younger.

I hope to devote my entire life to the promotion of the Mind Olympics and advocate the movement of the whole nation to promote brains and promote the mnemonics I have learned, to the elderly. Let the old man who is about to lose memory retain his memory and join me in enjoying the infinitely happy time of the sunset.