What we do

Achievements of The Brain Trust 

As a registered Charity, The Brain Trust has been founded with one prime objective: to maximise the ability of each and every individual to unlock and deploy the vast capacity of his or her Brain.

Accordingly, the Brain Trust involves itself in the following areas:
- research, investigation into and support for initiatives connected with mental performance
- the advancement of education
- the advancement of health - in particular mental health
- support of the intelligent advancement of the arts, culture and science
- the advancement of amateur sport
-especially mind sports such as chess and draughts, as well as competitive memory and speed reading events
- the relief of those in need, especially where declining mental performance may have adversely affected welfare, well-being and circumstances
- research into animal intelligence and thus the advancement of animal welfare and other areas connected with mental performance and brain research.

The Brain Trust has by means of specific fund raising events assisted and helped to publicise the following worthy public causes both nationally and internationally:
- intensive work in deprived inner-city schools to help raise the level of mental literacy, pupils' concentration on academic work and thus behaviour and overall scholastic performance
- the World Wildlife Fund (research into animal intelligence)
- London Zoo - research into the memory power of elephants and its applications
- Save the Children charity
- St Georges Hospital Tooting special appeals
- Dulwich College educational bursary for poor students
- the Trudi Sobkowski fund for chess education
- Help the Aged in particular their "disconnected mind " appeal
- the Howard Staunton society which promotes -inter alia- the teaching of mind sports in schools globally
- mass public mental literacy courses for schoolchildren in Soweto South Africa
- visits to Leonard Cheshire homes to offer mental stimulus to residents
- free donations of books and literature to assist other learning organisations, including 3000 books, approximate value £20,000, to the Construction and Development Partnership's Build on Books Appeal, £1000 worth of books to the players in the annual Oxford V Cambridge chess match as part of World Book Day 3 March 2011 and £1,000 worth of books to the Parkinson's UK charity.