Brain of the Year Award

This prestigious award is made to recognise superlative mental achievements. For over a decade this award has not only honoured some highly talented individuals but helped to raise the profile of the Brain Trust and to create greater awareness of the potential for mental achievements that lies within us all.

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To qualify for consideration for this award an individual will need to satisfy the Awards Committee that they satisfy the following criteria. 

1. The candidates must be pre-eminent in their field

2. The candidates must have made a major contribution to the advance of the sciences of cognitive processes, memory, intellectual development and learning to learn or to mind sports and games.

3. The candidates must have contributed major new creative developments.

4. The candidates must have made a notable effort to educate others in their chosen discipline.

5. The candidates must have integrated the principle of Mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body) in their lives.

6. The candidates must have exhibited persistence and stamina over time.

7. The candidates must have demonstrated a general cultural awareness.

8. The candidates must have demonstrably contributed to society.

9. The candidates must have demonstrated a concern for humanity.

10. The candidates must be active and known on a global level.

11. The candidates must be outstanding role models for those in their fields and for youth in general.