World Memory Championship 2019 Global Finals Timetable

Dear Friends of Memory Sport worldwide

I am delighted to announce that the official schedule for the 28th World Memory Championship, originally founded by Professor Tony Buzan in London 1991, has now been confirmed for Wuhan China. Please see schedule below.

I very much look forward to everyone giving this important announcement maximum publicity and to welcoming you all to Wuhan.

For further information please see or contact World Memory Sports Council General Secretary Chris Day at

With my very best wishes

Ray Keene OBE
Global President
World Memory Sports Council
International Chess Grandmaster
MA Trinity College Cambridge

World Mental Championship 2019 Global Finals

December 5th      The opening ceremony

December 6th                                                                Memo                       Recall

8-45-9:15              Welcome Tony Buzan
9:15-10:30            1.Abstract Images                          15mins                        30mins
10:45-12:30          2.Binary Numbers                         30mins                       60mins
12:30-14:00         lunch
14:00-17:15          3.Random Numbers(1h)               60mins    1                 20mins

December 7th
9:00-9:15             Welcome Tony Buzan
9:15-10:20           4.Names and Faces                        15mins                         30mins
10:35-11:00         5.Speed Numbers 1                        5mins                           15mins
11:10-11:40          6.Historic/Future Dates               5mins                           15mins
11:40-12:00         Break
12:00-12:30         5.Speed Numbers 2                      5mins                           15mins
12:30-14:00        Lunch
14:00-17:30         7.Random Cards(1h)                    60mins                        120mins

December 8th
9:00-9:15            welcome Tony Buzan
9:15-10:15           8.Random Words                          15mins                          30mins
10:45-13:00        9.Spoken Numbers (3 trials)      200-450+seconds      10,15, 25 mins
13:00-14:15        Lunch
14:15-15:30        10.Speed Cards (2 trials)              5mins                            5mins

December 9th   Closing ceremony